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Lung Health

The New Brunswick Lung Association’s
Environmental-Health Mapping Project

The New Brunswick Lung Association is developing a web-based mapping application that will enhance decision-making on environmental-health issues. The web-based mapping technology will enable the sharing and access to data over the internet, illustrated on a geographic basis, in a seamless view to the user. Data being integrated for this project pertains to climate, air quality, health, communities, our natural and built environments. The mapping application will support activities such as: research, education and outreach, citizen engagement, advocacy, gap analysis, project planning, to showcase innovation/leadership, risk assessment, etc.

Many partnerships have been developed with municipal governments, the research community, provincial and federal governments, business and non-profit sectors. For example, the New Brunswick Lung Association is working with the City of Fredericton to showcase the City’s leadership on climate change, by illustrating data related to building efficiency, public transportation, municipal infrastructure, emergency preparedness etc. Initially this will serve to increase awareness of the City’s response to climate change, and eventually facilitate citizen-input into municipal planning processes in relation to climate change.

The application is being developed using Spatial Fusion, a GIS product from CARIS Ltd, and with funding from GeoConnections (Natural Resources Canada) and the Canadian Information System for the Environment (Environment Canada). The software and technology used in this project conform to OGC interoperability standards, and will become part of the larger Canadian Geospatial Data Infrastructure (CGDI). The CGDI makes geospatial data available through web-mapping services to Canadians at large.